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What does "Certificate Expiration" mean?

Netscape Navigator versions 4.05 and earlier and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and 4.5 for Macintosh include a security component which expires at the end of 1999. Please note that this is not a Year 2000 issue. If you do nothing, you may see a warning message when accessing secure parts of the VictoriaInsurance.com site after December 31, 1999. The message may state that the certificate used to protect the transmitted information has expired.
The SSL connection between the VictoriaInsurance.com servers and your browser will be as secure as before. This is not a security risk.
To address this issue, you may do one of two things:
Click past the warning
  • This warning is just an alert. You can click "Continue" to pass it, however, you will continue to receive the warning message whenever you attempt to access a site using SSL encryption.
    Upgrade your browser
  • Download a new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh or Netscape Communicator. The new versions of these browsers have updated CA certificates that do not expire on December 31, 1999.
    More details from Verisign.

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