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Victoria Insurance Copyright

Ownership and Use of Content

All of the information and content on this website, including but not limited to, all text, logos, graphics, software applications, video and audio files and photos ("Content") are Victoria’s property and are protected by copyright under both United States and Foreign laws, unless otherwise indicted. You may make and use printouts of the Content for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided that the printouts retain all copyright, trademark and proprietary notices. The use of the Content on any other website or in a networked computer environment for any purpose, or any other republication or redistribution of the Content, including, without limitation, framing the Content within another website, is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of Victoria.


Victoria, Victoria Insurance, and the Victoria Insurance logo are service marks of Victoria. Other proprietary Victoria marks may be designated as such from time to time on this site through use of the SM or ® symbols. Except when included in any authorized printouts of the Content, you are not authorized to make any other use of any Victoria registered marks or other proprietary Victoria marks.