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Claims Service
At Victoria we know that accidents happen, and we also believe that great claims service is anything but an accident. If you get involved in an accident, please call our Toll-Free Number to promptly report the loss.

Report a New Loss
To report a claim by phone, contact our Claims Service Department at:


Our Claims Professionals are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take the information needed to begin processing your claim. Please call us right away even if:
  • The accident is not your fault
  • You do not think you are covered
  • You had an accident with someone insured by Victoria
  • You think the accident may already have been reported


The mission of the Victoria Claims Department is to provide superior and unparalleled claims service to the customers we serve. To that end, the Claims Department is committed to:

Developing a winning team of conscientious, dedicated Claims Professionals
Creating an environment where our integrity and passion for customer service is evident in all of our actions
Ensuring prompt and thorough investigations to enable proper valuations and decision making
Paying what we owe promptly and fairly
Communicating professionally and courteously under all circumstances


In our high-performance culture, service excellence is the key to our success. Accordingly, Victoria has established these standards not with the expectation that we will meet each standard on every file but with the knowledge that they represent the superior service we seek to provide our insurance, claimants, and agents. These Standards are lofty goals which we constantly endeavor to achieve. They are formulated to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and thereby distinguish Victoria as an industry leader.

Assignment of Loss
Assignment to claims adjuster Within 1 business day of claims office receipt
Initial contact with insured and injured parties Within 24 hours of adjuster receipt of assignment
Assignment to auto appraiser by adjuster Same business day as adjuster receipt of claim
Policy information verified Immediately or within 1 business day of receipt of the claim

Response to phone messages Within 1 hour of adjuster receipt of message
Retrieve phone messages Every hour
Phone acknowledgment of written correspondence that requires response Within 5 business days
Coverage declination communicated to insured Within 30 calendar days
Negotiation commences Within 3 business days of formation of strategy
Communication to customer on suit status Immediately upon request by insured
Salvage potential communicated to insured and salvage moved Same day as salvage identified
Subrogation potential communicated to insured and evidence protected Same day as subrogation recognized
Subrogation file submitted to Center Subro Unit Within one business day of payment issuance
Subrogation check issued to insured for deductible portion Same day as notice ofrecovery

Property and Auto Physical Damage settlement offer Same day as finalized damage assessment or granted authority
Payment of claim Within 24 hours of settlement
Claim denials communicated Within 2 business days of review and approval
Files closed Same day as closing documentation received


(AZ, CO) Phoenix, Arizona Office
P.O. Box 7729
Phoenix, AZ 85011-7729
Telephone Number:
FAX Number: 1-602-266-0516
(CT, GA, IL, IA, FL, NY, OH, PA, VA, WI and all Commercial Lines) Cleveland, Ohio Office
22901 Millcreek Blvd.
Cleveland, OH  44122-5728
Telephone Number:
FAX Number: 1-800-884-4473
(AL, IN, MS, MO, TN, TX)
San Antonio, Texas Office
P.O. Box 659793
San Antonio, TX 78265-9793
Telephone Number: 1-800-951-1617
Local Number: 1-210-527-2200
FAX Number: 1-210-527-2594

If your claim has not yet been reported, please contact our First Notice of Loss Unit at 1-800-926-3168. A Claims Service Professional is on duty now!


A Victoria Claims Professional will assist you in reaching a rapid resolution to your claim. By combining technology with committed Claims Professionals, we're ready when you need us. Please keep the following in mind if you have a claim:

  • If you have yet to notify the Police, please do so right away. By making a formal report of an accident to the proper agency you protect yourself and preserve the facts.
  • Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than your Victoria Claims Professional.
  • Help us provide the kind of great Claims Service you deserve by providing your Victoria Claims Professional with as much detail about the accident as you can. Please complete the Loss Report "I've Had An Accident" that you will find in your Policy Pack.
  • Protect your property from further damage.


What is fraud?
It is an illegal act characterized by concealment, deceit, or violation of trust committed by individuals and/or organizations to obtain money, property or services, avoid payment or loss of services or to secure personal or business advantages.

How does it impact my auto insurance?
Fraud committed by criminals, consumers or even company employees can increase costs. The losses due to fraud divert vital resources away from business, law enforcement, the justice system and local emergency services. The cost of fighting fraud and repairing the damage that has been done by fraud contributes to increased prices for everyone.

How do insurance companies fight fraud?

Insurance Companies and many State Insurance Departments have created Special Investigations Units (SIUs) that work to detect and investigate suspicious claims, false information on applications and other activities. These units are often staffed by former law enforcement professionals. Together with other nonprofit organizations and government agencies, insurance companies are dedicated to combating fraud through public information and advocacy.

What can I do to fight fraud?

If you suspect fraud, you should report it immediately by contacting our SIU at 1-800-474-7633 or at RPTFRAUD@nationwide.com.